ZBrush Prop creation: bladed weapons

Do you need to a digital prop for a videogame? Are you trying to 3D print your favourite DnD character? Do you want to learn from the pro and improve your ZBrush skills? This free tutorial will cover the creation of bladed weapons like the knives pictured here, using various ZBrush features that make these… Read more »

The Maker’s Manual in Arabic!

We are proud to inform you that “The Maker’s Manual” is about to be translated into Arabic for a summer training program in Saudi Arabia. Maker Media will put it online on a website where it will be available for any Arabic speaker.

Lasercut sushi to the next level

Burn, baby, burn The word laser is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation: big words that basically mean “watch out, this burns!” A laser can direct a lot of power to a very small area, thereby melting, burning, or even vaporizing the material we are working on (or enemy robots). Based… Read more »

How Sony, Microsoft, and Other Gadget Makers Violate Federal Warranty Law | Motherboard

Manufacturers threaten to do things they cannot do legally but 99.9 percent of consumers have no idea of their actual rights We already discussed some of the issues related to rights of repairing our things, but the subject is vast and the economics implied are huge. This article suggests that manufacturers are pushing it beyond… Read more »

5 rules to tackle the Oktoberfest… of Things!

A new world As we said, the Internet of Things opens a new world to us. For example, not only can we record our performance while we are outside jogging and transfer the data to a server for analysis and filing, but we can also take part in virtual competitions with people jogging on the… Read more »

What you should know about FAB12

From the experience of Neil Gerhsenfeld and his popular course “How to Make (Almost) Anything“, in 2002 the first Fab Lab was born. Fab Lab is short for fabrication laboratory, a workshop where things are manufactured, but also for fabulous laboratory. Gershenfeld has taken the fab Lab culture  around the world, helping local populations solve… Read more »

Can you find the problem with this door?

In Makers: The New Industrial Revolution Chris Anderson wrote: We are all designers now. It’s time we get good at it. But what exactly is design? Design Karl Ulrich, professor at the University of Pennsylvaina and designer of extraordinary experience, defines design as conceiving and giving form to artifacts that sole problems where artifact means… Read more »

3 Reasons Why Prototypes Are Your Friends (plus a bonus one)

A prototype is an approximation of an artifact which comprises one or more dimensions of interest. For example, if we were designing a traffic light we could focus on how the lights should switch, neglecting the method that the artifact must employ to understand when they have to switch. Prototypes are very important and used… Read more »

The Backwards Brain Bicycle – Smarter Every Day 133 – YouTube

Neurophysiology for the Uninitiated Our brain is a wonderful machine, the most fascinating part of the entire human body. Sir Charles Sherrington, the “grandfather” of neurophysiology and a poet, used to say:  It is as if the Milky Way entered upon some cosmic dance. Swiftly the head mass becomes an enchanted loom where millions of… Read more »

Farewell, RepRapPro

In 2005 Adrian Bowyer, at the time an academic at the University of Bath, started working on the RepRap project, where he developed a series of prototypes of a low cost (almost) self-replicating FDM 3D printer. He retired from academic life in 2012 to be a full time director of the company RepRapPro Ltd., an… Read more »

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    Make LiV Yours

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    The makers’ approach to sharing information is radically different from that of guild craftsmen. Sharing for a maker isn’t a bad thing. It is a powerful tool to help people reach their goals; collective intelligence is an unlimited and irreplaceable resource. We are not saying that a maker can’t and shouldn’t aim at creating brands… Read more »

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    Making things together

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    In 2005, O’Reilly Media published the first issue of MAKE, a magazine that today, carried on by Maker Media, is the point of reference for the entire community of makers. Each issue includes articles and explanations, books and tools reviews, and, most of all, lots of projects, from the most basic to the most complex: a speaker in a cereal box,… Read more »

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    Welcome to MakerSpace – Make:

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    At the end of 2005, after publishing the first four issues of MAKE, on a late evening in the office, Dale Dougherty—one of the founders of the magazine—asked: “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could get all these makers together in one place to share what they make?” It was a brilliant idea, and in 2006 the first Maker Faire took place in… Read more »

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    MOSFET: the Whole Truth

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    When surfing the Internet for electronic hacks, it’s very easy to bump into a bunch of projects that use Arduino to drive almost everything you can image, from greenhouses to refrigerators and ovens (and even bigger loads). How is it possible? After all, Arduino can manage current up to 40 milliamps per pin: this value is very small,… Read more »

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    A New Protection

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    A New Protection: the Context A patent gives you exclusive rights to produce and sell that invention for a number of years; no one else can make money off of it without your permission. But lately, some people in the maker movement have concluded that this strategy – in a dynamic and distributed context –… Read more »

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    Thanks David!

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    It’s easy to subscribe to a site with great content, but it takes a leap of faith when all you can see is a hello world. This is why we want to thank David, our very first subscriber. Thanks for having been the first one to trust us!

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    Hello World!

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    Hey there, welcome! This is the first post of what we hope will become a long collection. What are we going to write about? First of all, we’ll be answering your questions, the typical one being “what now?”. This book is just a starter, it serves as an insight in the makers’ world, giving an overview… Read more »