Andrea Maietta

Andrea "MOz" MaiettaAndrea Maietta is a passionate advocate of agile methods, and is responsible for helping clients understand their needs and providing them with appropriate solutions to build value. He is a software engineer, maker, tireless reader, husband and father, and Rugby Union fan for life. Always excited to learn and share, Andrea is a frequent speaker at conferences and is involved in training, communication, and organization. His dream is to build a lightsaber.

Paolo Aliverti

zeppelinmaker-paolo-alivertiPaolo Aliverti became interested in electronics and microcomputers at the age of ten. He has been one of the founders of Frankenstein Garage, where he worked on design and research as well as agile business, marketing, and planning. He organizes workshops on electronics and 3D printing, participates in conferences and events, and explains in simple words how easy it is to rebuild and repair items. In the little free time he has, he risks his life in the mountains.

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