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At the end of 2005, after publishing the first four issues of MAKE, on a late evening in the office, Dale Dougherty—one of the founders of the magazine—asked: “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could get all these makers together in one place to share what they make?” It was a brilliant idea, and in 2006 the first Maker Faire took place in San Mateo. There, over 100 makers exhibited their creations. Since then, the Faire has grown every year (with over 1,100 makers and 130,000 attendees) and mini Maker Faires have popped up all over the world. In 2013, the first European Maker Faire landed in Rome, and worldwide, there were 100 Maker Faires that year.

How do you keep the Maker Faire conversation going? Here’s the answer!

MakerSpace was designed and built for you. We want your feedback, your ideas and thoughts about what we can do to make it your MakerSpace. MakerSpace will be accepting invite requests, allowing access to a limited number of users.

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Written by Andrea Maietta

Andrea Maietta is a passionate advocate of agile methods, and is responsible for helping clients understand their needs and providing them with appropriate solutions to build value. He is a software engineer, maker, tireless reader, husband and father, and Rugby Union fan for life. Always excited to learn and share,...
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