Farewell, RepRapPro

In 2005 Adrian Bowyer, at the time an academic at the University of Bath, started working on the RepRap project, where he developed a series of prototypes of a low cost (almost) self-replicating FDM 3D printer.

First RepRap Replication

Adrian Bowyer (left) and Vik Olliver (right) with the first replicated 3D printer. All of the plastic parts for the machine on the right were produced by the machine on the left.

He retired from academic life in 2012 to be a full time director of the company RepRapPro Ltd., an open source company that produces, of course, RepRap printers.

RepRapProThe company ceased trading on Friday 15 January 2016, even if they service all support and warranty requests up to that date, and fulfill all outstanding orders.

RepRapProThe reasoning behind the choice resides in the fact that market for low-cost 3D printers is now so crowded and so competitive that a small specialist company like RepRapPro cannot expand. So, because they are not bankrupt and they do not have any debts to pay, they have chosen to stop now while we they ahead and to concentrate on other activities.

RepRapPro is open-source company. This means that all designs, software source-code and documentation are freely available online on their website and on GitHub. All that information will continue to be available into the future.

Read the whole declaration on the official website: RepRapPro – home of open source, replicating 3D printers..

Written by Andrea Maietta

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