Original Prusa i3 kit with LCD

3D Printers

In the industrial world, 3D printing technology goes back to the 1980s. How did it make it to the desktops of the 2010s?

An early pioneer of desktop 3D printing was Dr. Adrian Bowyer, a mechanical engineering professor at the University of Bath in England. In 2005, Bowyer started prototyping a low-cost, open source machine, the RepRap, which stands for replicating rapid prototyper. The eventual goal was to have the RepRap make all the necessary plastic parts to assemble its own replica. The machine has a simple structure, made out of threaded bars and easily available components. The first prototypes were sold in kits.

Later, with the RepRap project as a starting point and with a fes changes to its structure and mechanism, many people designed and made their own version of a 3D printer. Between them, Josef Prusa.

The Original Prusa i3 Kit

Recently Josef Prusa, apparently fed up with seeing many low quality i3 clones, finally started to make the original Prusa i3 kit.

Tools included!Being a kit, you have to build it yourself, and if you’re surprised… you’re reading the wrong blog! Anyway, anyone should be able to do it without a great fuss. The kit also includes the tools, and there’s absolutely no need of any soldering. Piece of cake!

A little spoiler:

Read all about it on his post: Original Prusa i3 kit with LCD.

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